At the end of the summer of 2005, pioneering Christian alternative and modern rock bands Undercover, The Choir, Altar Boys, Crumbächer and 441 performed a reunion concert in celebration of over 20 years of music, ministry and friendships. Now, after another decade, Take 2 Productions is pleased to announce the release of the full concert on DVD. Over 3.5 hours of music. To pre-order your copy and get some additional limited memorabilia, please visit our Kickstarter page and share this project with your friends.

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One of the most revolutionary bands to ever come out of southern California, boldly challenging musical/lyrical preconceptions as it evolved from its pop-punk beginnings to raw, devastatingly powerful and expressive rock.

“I still get regular emails from people all over the world who have been changed by that whole movement that long ago. I’m honored to appear once again with dear friends.”
OJO Taylor 2005

Joel Ligenfelter Stephen CrumbacherCRUMBÄCHER

Crumbächer released four records in the 1980’s that established it as a leader in richly melodic danceable modern pop. The band garnered 17 top 40 radio hits, were chosen as one of the top 5 best new bands of 1985 by CCM Magazine, and were nominated for a GMA Dove Award in 1986 for their video, “Jamie”.

“Something important happened in the 80s with all these bands. Twenty years ago I remember feeling like we were all a part of something really special; I’m glad I got to be a part of it all 20 years ago, and even more excited to be a part of this reunion.” Stephen Crumbacher 2005

Joel Ligenfelter Stephen Crumbacher


The Choir has been heralded as one of today’s leading Christian modern rock bands and topped the CCM readers poll as Favorite Alternative Band. With multiple Dove and Grammy nominations and awards for both production and songwriting, they’ve accomplished what has eluded so many bands – longevity. Their music has been described by the LA times as “magical songs that combine strains of murky psychedelia with pure pop.” Led by the writing team of Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong (twice voted one of Nashville’s best producers) The Choir continues to evolve having recorded and released 16 studio albums.

“It was an exciting time, and The Choir was fortunate to be part of what could be called a “family” of bands. It promises to be quite a scene” Steve Hindalong 2005


Blake SchwendimannALTAR BOYS

The Altar Boys, formed in 1982, were known for their Ramones-style punk rock, a radical departure from the Christian music common at the time. They were known for writing lyrics that were explicit about their faith. Between 1984 and 1989 they recorded and released five studio albums. But it was their intense and unique live performances along with their signature sound, heavily influenced by the Southern California punk rock scene, that ensured they became one of the best known Christian bands on that scene.

“I’ve always felt our tunes needed to be heard and played again. It will be great to thrash on that Telecaster and “scream” those songs once again.” Mike Stand

Stephen Crumbacher


Boyhood friends John McNamara, John Giali, Steve Giali and Glenn Holland became the members of the band 441. They grew up together in southern California, came to faith in Jesus Christ and learned how to play music together. Their friendship was formed and set long before their first album was cut. After years as a garage band they wrote the songs that were recorded on their first album which was self-titled and released in 1985. Several songs from that album were played on the radio and they won an award as best new band of the year.

“It was like a wonderful dream being in a band with my best friends, in a vibrant Christian music scene in southern California. We look back at that time now as a magical moment that we played together as true friends and shared in His infinite love.” John McNamara 2005