Artists from the 70’s and 80’s whose radical cutting edge music restructured relationships: between music and the church; between artists and audience; between business and labor. Artists who stepped out beyond traditional church thinking and the stagnant ideas of what Christian music could be.

From the underground scene in Southern California, a fuse was lit and began to spread throughout the world igniting a movement that still blazes today.



Bringing back the artists that transformed the Christian Music Scene. Reuniting the bands that you want to hear. Bands you have always loved, that you missed and thought you would never see again.

Take Two Productions will produce events that you are likely never to forget. Bringing you artists from the past, many of whom are still working in their craft today. Brought to you by ones who were there. Ones who are thankful for the fans because we are fans ourselves.

The excitement and anticipation of artist and audience will be palpable. You will not want to miss these once in a lifetime reunions as we say thanks: Thanks to those radical, reckless musicians who helped shape our lives with their vulnerable, straightforward attack on complacency within the church.



Dawn, Beth and Devin of Take 2 Productions have expanded their vision to include passionately assisting artists in bridging the gap between art and commerce. We at Take 2 believe the only way to ensure a future filled with new and progressive music, is to support the rights of artists to control their own creations and to allow them to participate equally in the financial rewards those creations bring.

We have extensive experience in producing, promoting and delivering live concerts and studio recordings. We believe in helping artists in any way our talents allow, and have done this by managing the HardCore band Sleeping Giant, Executive Producing the Lost Dogs Route 66 CD and Tour DVD, as well as fostering new singer-songwriters like Dominique Mikael and Chris Ryan.

What began as a company founded to reunite bands who hadn’t played together in years, has finally come full circle with the soon-to-be-released DVD of the Broken Records Reunion Concert (2005).

The time has come.
The moment is now.
The show is about to begin…